New Home Builds

Our Signature Activity

2019-11-12 Vet House - Anon - Front with Stucco

The signature activity of Habitat for Humanity is construction of new houses and providing people in an affordable way to qualifying applicants.

How Does One Qualify for a Home?

A Habitat for Humanity is a “Hand up, not a hand out”.  The homeowner must

  • Homeowners must show that they have a need for financial help in order to purchase a home.
  • The homeowners are provided with a zero interest mortgate, but  must show that they also have the ability to pay back that loan.
  • The homeowner must put in “sweat equity” to help build the house.

How is the Project Funded?

Many individuals and companies help:

  1. Grants – Habitat for Humanity obtains grants from various public and private foundations and companies
  2. Individual Gifts – Individuals too can give us cash donations which are fully qualifies tax deductions as we are a 501(c)3

Who Builds the House?

2019-10-12 Vet House - Sgt Maj - Group

Many individuals and companies help: us build these houses.

  1. Contractor – We typically have professional contractor who provides guidance to construction crews
  2. Individual Volunteers – Many individuals from the community volunteer to help us build these houses. Specific training and licensing is  not required for many of the activites
  3. Company and Organizational Groups – Many organizations and companies provide a group of volunteers

Where Do the Materials Come From?

Grants and Discounts – Many suppliers help us out by providing construction materials for free or at a discount.