Global Village

What is a Global Village Project?

Global Village projects are trips where volunteers travel to other countries to help with an organized event, such as building a house.   But they can have other purposes such as doing a renovation or setting up a Restore.

Teams  generally have 10-20 people

Team members come from many areas of the country.

Teams have a team leader who has experience with Global Village projects.

Who Pays for This?

You are responsible for your own expenses, such as airfare to and from the destination.

Also, there will typically be costs associated with transportation and housing in the destination country.   These may be coordinated by a team leader, but you would still pay your portion.

When and Where Do They Occur?

These events occur throughout the year, and all over the globe.   

The timing, purpose and location are defined by local Habitat for Humanity affiliates around the globe.

Can I Participate?

Yes.   But positions on the teams are limited, and you must be interviewed.

Call Habtiat for Humanity of El Paso at 915-755-6633

Global Village News

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Global Village – Warsaw Poland ReStore Opens

The Habitat ReStore in Warsaw, Poland officially opened this month (May 2020). (See pictures below.) During the process of setting it up, Habitat for Humanity Poland used the knowledge and experience of other Habitat for Humanity organizations all around the world, including experienced staff and

Global Village Trips Cancelled

Habitat for Humanity teams travel the globe to help others in need of safe, affordable housing. But making these trips in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic would pose a serious risk to the travelers, the in country participants, and ultimately the entire population of the world. In response to

Habitat for Humanity of El Paso Goes to Poland

Carey traveled to Warsaw, Poland with 16 other Habitat for Humanity Global Village team members from all over the USA. We worked on rehabbing an old warehouse into the first Habitat ReStore in Europe. We also had time to visit several museums and do a city tour on an old Soviet era bus. They called
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