82 Ways You Can Help

Leadership on the Job Site

1. Serve as a “Crew Leader” for one house
2. Register & greet volunteers and hand out safety gear and documents

House Construction & Repair
3. Site prep/lot clearing
4. Pick up trash
5. Hang drywall
6. Paint
7. Framing/rough carpentry/salvage
8. Install windows & doors
9. Install cabinets & countertops
10. Landscaping
11. Roofing
12. Tile work
13. Dry wall finishing

Construction/Repair Support
14. Serve on the Construction Committee
15. Pick up & deliver materials for construction days
16. Help organize the tool trailer
17. Facilitate professional contractor relations
18. Assist in build site assessment and feasibility
19. Seek donations of building materials and tools
20. Maintain tools

Homeowner Involvement
21. Help families understand homeowner duties
22. Monitor “sweat equity” compliance
23. Coordinate family liaison selection/training
24. Coordinate kick off and house dedication ceremonies
25. Help coordinate/facilitate orientation meetings
26. Recruit people to lead homeowner classes
27. Serve on the Family Services Committee
28. Help set up and conduct Home Information meetings
29. Recommend families for home ownership
30. Identify/screen/interview applicant families

Friend Raising
31. Serve on the Volunteer Committee
32. Coordinate volunteer recognition activities
33. Coordinate volunteer training and orientation
34. Schedule and recruit build crew lunch providers
35. Help recruit, schedule and follow‐up with volunteers
36. Help with our website and Facebook pages
37. Take photos at events and construction sites
Fund Raising & Development
38. Serve on the Development Committee
39. Assist in Grant writing
40. Coordinate & plan special events
41. Coordinate corporate sponsorship of projects
42. Plan/develop and administer fundraising activities
43. Develop and carry out donor recognition plans
Faith Relations
44. Serve on the Faith Relations Committee
45. Help coordinate church relations activities
46. Coordinate church sponsorships of projects
47. Maintain regular contact with churches
48. Encourage Habitat activity within your church

Leadership Committees
49. Construction/Repair
50. Family Services
51. Site Selection
52. Board of Directors
53. Advisory Board
54. Faith Relations
55. ReStore/Warehouse

House Property Selection
56. Serve on the Site Selection Committee
57. Drive a designated area weekly to look for land and property
58. Research property on‐line
59. Maintain records of current property costs

Office Work
60. Data entry
61. Update and maintain databases
62. Office cleaning and recycling
63. Make copies, phone calls, etc.
64. Work on bulk mailings and direct mail campaigns
ReStore/Warehouse Support
65. Serve on the ReStore Committee
66. Serve as a clerk in the ReStore or Warehouse
67. Pick up donations
68. Salvage crew
69. Solicit donations
70. Assist in advertising
71. Price merchandise
72. Assist with special promotion sales
73. Update the ReStore Facebook page

Give a Gift to Help Build / Repair Houses
74. Sponsor a house and provide volunteers
75. Co‐sponsor a house and provide volunteers
76. Purchase something from our ReStore or warehouse
77. Donate tools, building materials or vehicles
78. Donate corporate employee team‐building hours
79. Donate copy paper, office supplies and office equipment
80. Pay for printing and mailing costs
81. Donate professional construction labor (electrical, HVAC, mechanical, plumbing, roofing, etc.)
82. Pray for us and our goal to end poverty housing in El Paso and around the world.

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