Habitat completes Playhouse Build with Chick-fi-A

On Sunday October 17, Habitat for Humanity and Chick-fil-A completed the construction of five playhouses in the parking lot adjacent to the Chick-fil-A store on N. Desert Boulevard. Supervision of the five playhouses was provided by Board members Dave Driscoll, Jesse Allen, Doug Borrett, and by Mark Navar, husband of Board member Joann Navar.

Four Chick-fil-A stores from El Paso and one from Las Cruces made a donation of $12,500 ($2,500 per playhouse) to Habitat.  The proceeds of the donation will help build a new home for disabled vet Bruce Griego and his family.

Chick-fil-A had approximately 40 employees working on the project from different Chick-fil-A stores. Construction of the playhouses started at 8:30 in the morning and ended by 3:00 in the afternoon.

The project was truly a community project.  McCoy’s building Materials supplied $2,500 in materials for construction of the playhouses. The construction technology division of EPISD’s Center for Career and Technologies Education, cut out all the construction pieces from the lumber supplied by McCoy’s. Students from Loretto Academy primed all the pieces for the playhouses. Smith and Ramirez Roofing provided the materials and labor supervision for the roofs of the playhouses.

Upon completion of the playhouses, Chick-fil-A donated the playhouses to four organizations in El Paso including The Child Crisis Center, the Center Against Family Violence, the Lee and Beulah Mor Children’s home and the Reynolds home, and to Jardin de Niños in Las Cruces. According to Executive Director Dave Driscoll,” this was truly a win-win situation for the El Paso community.”  “Habitat received $12,500 from Chick-fil-A, which will be used in construction of a new home for disabled bet Bruce Griego, and the playhouses were donated to nonprofit organization who serve children that will use the playhouses.”

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